Our company was set up in 1994, at a time when Spain was entering the free European market. That year presented us with the opportunity to meet the needs of the stockbreeding sector, as well as having goods at a more affordable price and optimum quality. The country’s animal feed companies also had to break into foreign markets. For these reasons, we entered as traders into the European cereal market with some clear goals in mind:

· Excellence
· Dignity of persons
· Customer service


To achieve these goals, up to the present day we have developed and cultivated the idea of “customer satisfaction”, our raison d’être. On a daily basis, our team works hard to provide all our customers with excellent service and to minimise the risk of working with food products, where service can lead to a shortage in stock and where quality is vital. Every day we strive to improve and to become more competitive in order to help our customers become more profitable.